Death Valley Radio

Death Valley Radio is a carefully constructed, format-free program for the musically curious. DVR debuted in the spring of 1996. Twenty years and 900 shows later, it's still built by hand, non-algorithmically — one set at a time.

Each edition of Death Valley Radio airs at WNTI on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM ET. DVR can also be heard at HGR on Sundays at 7:00 PM ET.

DVR program 916 features train songs (the Stanley Brothers, the J.E. Mainer Band, Rev. J.M. Gates, James King); bluegrass gospel (Marty Stuart with Johnny Cash, the Earls of Leicester); pensive pop (David Sylvian, Damon Albarn, Conor Oberst, Leah Abramson, the Unthanks, Peter Eldridge with Becca Stevens); lonely women (Richard Thompson, Ornette Coleman); and new music from Matt Ulery's Loom, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Daniel Bachman, Naĩm Amor and Calexico's John Convertino, JD Allen and Anna Webber's Simple Trio.

Death Valley Radio is dedicated to the memory of my wife Valerie.

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